We cordially invite you to the Student Mini-Conference on Game Studies that will be held next Friday, Dec 15, 2 PM at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Room S4.

Charles University
Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
Malostranske nam. 25, 118 00 Praha 1

On the mini-conference, students of the Erasmus program and the Faculty of Arts of Charles University will present their research papers written for the course „Game Studies I“.

Come to support your colleagues, students, and friends and provide them with valuable feedback!

Conference Program

2:00 PM

2:10 PM
Prison Architect
Tereza Srbová, Tomáš Berný, Kristýna Hněvsová

2:22 PM
Urban Representation of American Cities in the Game Series Grand Theft Auto
Olga Gerasimova, Anna Kasiura

2:34 PM
Women in Gaming
Uxía Castro Martinez, Kathrine Tuska

2:46 PM
The Reflection of Traditional Cultural Elements in Alternative Videogame Scene of Spain and Czech Republic
Carlos Ramírez, Markéta Mikšovská

2:58 PM
The Effect of Educational Video Games: Drinking Nightmare
Marine Prost, Anna Šťastná, Tomáš Titěra

3:10 PM
MMOral Compass: Exploring Ethical Dilemmas in World of Warcraft
David Třebický, Ondřej Sliš

3:22 PM
Socio-Demographic Profile of Gamers in Relation to the Image they Have in the Contemporary Czech society
Aneta Martínková, Kateřina Nejedlá, Pavlína Plecitá

3:34 PM
Coffee break

3:50 PM
Playful Education
Zuzana Arnoldová, Jan Hlavín, Olga Marta Stolarczyk

4:02 PM
The Effect of Video Games on Players’ Attitude to International Conflicts
Matěj Čermák, Radka Fléglová, Jana Unzeitigová

4:14 PM
What’s the Problem?
Ian Iličić

4:26 PM
Cooperation vs Competition in MOBA Games
Alexandru Buhai, Filip Rybín

4:38 PM
“Papers, Please” – Game as a Way to Experience Other People’s Shoes
Jakub Hein, Nina Kodhajová

4:50 PM
The Evolution of Visuality and Narrative of the Computer Games by the Example of Resident Evil Series
Anna Lamberova, Darya Tsitova, Laura Ledo

5:02 PM
Concluding remarks