Zveme vás na workshop „Prototyping Blockchain Futures & Governance by Algorithms“. Bude sestávat z teoretické a praktické části pod vedením Denisy Kera.

No programming knowledge expected! We can conduct the workshop in English and Czech. We will explore issues of algo-governance and automation by prototyping smart contracts on the open-source blockchain platform Hyperledger Fabric and Composer. Prototypes will serve as probes into issues of bias, justice, code and law, to critically reflect and experience future scenarios on algorithmic governance, politics, and design. On what level to include regulation in emergent infrastructure? Should it remain something outside the code, in the code, above the code?

The workshop is useful for learning the basics of blockchain service design and for discussing governance of emerging technology, the theory part will cover the concepts of permissioned x permissionless, open and closed blockchain and DLTs (distributed/decentralized ledger technologies), and policy issues involved in automation (relation between computer codes, regulations & contracts).
The prototyping part will be friendly to complete beginners: we will use templates of Hyperledger Fabric/Composer smart contracts (chaincode) that are readable in Englishto push some extreme scenarios of data governance (evil smart contracts) and then deliberate to what degree we can regulate code (or with code).  We will use also Node RED framework to connect the blockchain services with satellite data and IoTs or other open APIs.

We will use a parody of Lithopia smart village scenario https://github.com/anonette/lithopia to explain, perform and offer templates of smart contracts that enable participants to create their own version of dystopia or utopia over future convergences of technologies. To become Lithopian, please bring your laptop, no need to install anything.

Organizační informace:
17.12., 14:00 – 17:00 (klidně déle pokud nás to bude bavit)
City Surfer Office (Bořivojova 67)

Povede: Denisa Kera, babička SNM, v současnosti Marie Curie Research Fellow at the University of Salamanca, BISITE
Pokud máte zájem, pošlete mi email na denisa.kera@usal.es
Pokud chcete sami něco ukázat ostatním, budu ráda, máme čas.